Welcome to HorseRidingGuide.com! We are passionate about all things horses and believe that riding should be safe, enjoyable, and accessible for riders of all levels. That’s why we started HorseRidingGuide.com – to share helpful horse care tips, trail riding advice, horse product recommendations, and stories that capture the incredible bond between horses and their humans.

Our site began simply as a blog, with co-founders and horse owners Kate and Ryan sharing photos and anecdotes from their own stables as well as product reviews for gear that made riding easier. As their following grew among fellow equestrian enthusiasts, Kate and Ryan expanded into selling some of those tried-and-true products in their online store.

Today, HorseRidingGuide.com features:

  • The Horse Riding Guide Blog – Get your regular fix of informational articles and amusing stable stories on all aspects of horses, horse care, training, and trail riding adventures. We cover topics like preventing saddle sores, barefoot trimming approaches, endurance training tips, trailering best practices, horse body language basics, and so much more.
  • Shop Equine Essentials – Check out our handpicked collection of horse products that make riding more comfortable, safer, and effortless for every discipline and skill level. We offer saddle pads, brushes, fly masks, wraps, helmets, supplements, and other functional yet thoughtfully designed essentials that benefit both horse and rider.
  • Rider Spotlights – Every week we shine the spotlight on an everyday rider who inspires us with their heartfelt stories of the special bond with their horse, their passion for their discipline, or the obstacles they have had to overcome. These interviews remind us why we love being part of the horse community!

As lifelong riders and self-proclaimed “horse girls,” Kate and Ryan have found that the collective wisdom of fellow riders willing to share tips and test products truly makes the horse experience better for everyone. It is this community that inspired HorseRidingGuide.com. We strive to support and learn from one another while spreading our shared love of horses!