33 Homemade Horsefly Spray Recipes

33 Homemade Horsefly Spray Recipes

Horseflies are huge pests – quite literally since they’re way bigger than regular flies – and their bites are extremely painful too. You can buy sprays from stores to keep them away, but you can … Read more

Why Do Horseflies Bite (Prevention Tips)

Why Do Horseflies Bite? (Prevention Tips)

Horseflies belong to the family of blood-sucking insects (Tabanidae) that consists of approximately 4,450 species worldwide. They love moisture, so you will most often find them near water, including a river, lake, or even a … Read more

Horse Fly Lifespan: How Long Do Horse Flies Live?

Horse flies are some of the peskiest insects alive. Although they mostly bite horses and other livestock, they enjoy feasting on humans too. They’ll pierce through their victims’ skin with their razor-sharp mouthparts, leaving behind … Read more

how to Get Rid of Horse Fly

15 Ways to Get Rid of Horse Flies

Horseflies are nasty annoyances whose bites are painful and itchy. They feed on blood, attacking humans and livestock as well, and can be pretty aggressive. Repelling these insects is a challenging task. If you want … Read more