Friesian Horses

8 Fun Facts About Friesian Horses

Friesian horses as some of the oldest equine breeds, having existed since 1000 B.C. They are also among the most gorgeous, with their beautiful black coat, long flowing hair, and stunning gaits leaving all those … Read more

Palomino Horse

What Breed of Horse is a Palomino?

Palomino horses are a beauty to behold and are all around us. You will see them grazing in fields, in racing competitions, on trail rides, and in many other equine activities. Their white mane and … Read more

Largest Horse Breeds 1

10 Largest Horse Breeds In the World

For centuries, large horses have been bred to help humans with all types of jobs. From pulling chariots to riding in parades and racing in competitions, these noble creatures have been of great usefulness to … Read more