5 Steps to Teach Your Horse To Lay Down

Teaching your horse to lay down is one of the basic maneuvers that guarantees the communication and relationship between you and your equine. Using none non-restrained ways to train your horse emphasizes on it natural … Read more

9 Tips to Ride a Horse Western Style

9 Tips to Ride a Horse Western Style

On the surface, western riding often looks like a piece of cake, but truth is, creating that impression calls for hard work, adequate preparation, and good horsemanship. If you are planning to go out on … Read more

6 Easy Steps to Saddle a Horse

6 Easy Steps to Saddle a Horse

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Steer Horse

10 Tips to Steer a Horse

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how to ride a horse

15 Tips to Ride а Horse for Beginners

Horses are majestic, energetic, and intelligent creatures, which can form a life-long friendship with humans. No wonder equestrianism (horseback riding, horse riding) is such a popular sport. Plus, this sport will benefit both your mental … Read more