33 Good Black Horse Names (With Meanings)

Some people get freaked out by black animals. Particularly cats and dogs. But if black horses don’t give you nightmares about Nazgul and Dementors, they can be a treasure all on their own. Also, while the Black Beauty franchise made it a popular black horse name, it’s a little clichéd. So what other names can you give to your dark, lovely, equine friend? Let’s find out!

Cool Black Horse Names

1. Eclipse


Solar eclipses are more dramatic than lunar ones because they turn the whole world black. It usually happens immediately after a vividly bright sun and is over in minutes. It’s why some people chase eclipses all over the world. The awe-inspiring phenomenon has gathered global eclipse chasers aka umbraphiles. It’s also a magnificently appropriate black horse name.

2. Umbra

As we’ve just mentioned, the word umbraphile means shadow lover. This is because umbra is a scientific term for the darkest part of a shadow. Essentially, all three iterations make great black horse names. So you could call him (or her) Umbra, Dark Shadow, or even Eclipse Chaser if the horse is fast enough to race professionally. It’s a lucky name for a champion.

3. Nyx (Night Goddess)

It can be tricky finding a comprehensive collection of Greek and Roman myths. There are so many contradictory variations. But many agree that Nyx is a Greek goddess that personifies night. Her children include Death (Thanatos), and Hypnos (Sleep), and Aether (Brightness). Nyx is a good female black horse name, especially if she has a white star marking on her face.

4. Erebus (God of Darkness)

Curiously, mythology names Nyx as the personification of night. And while many records agree that Erebus is the god that personifies darkness, some books say Erebus is Nyx’s husband while others say she’s his mother. In the tales that say Erebus married Nyx, their kids include Day (Hemera) and Old Age (Geras). Still, Erebus is a strong stallion name.

5. Midnight


Is midnight necessarily the darkest time of day (or night)? Not necessarily. Between hemispherical changes, time zones, and daylight savings, you might find yourself facing a midnight sun. But humans automatically think of darkness when they hear the word midnight, so it becomes the perfect black horse name and works for both males and females.

6. Starlite

Although nights aren’t always starry, we can’t help associating the two. After all, while we don’t see glimmering heavenly bodies every night, we don’t see them in the daytime. So whether your black horse has white speckles or not, Starlite or Starlight are both suitable names. But the name is even more fitting for black horses with facial star markings.

7. Dina

What happens when a nerdy type is hunting down a black horse name? Well, science puns may be a helpful hint. Iodine – for example – is defined as a blue-black element in many chemistry textbooks. But name your black mare iodine may seem a little odd. You could get clever and use a derivative instead. Something like Dina, removing the first three letters.

8. Onyx

This royal black horse name emphasizes treasure and glamour. Onyx is a semiprecious stone that can sometimes be white but is most often black. It’s a glossy stone, so it makes the perfect name for a horse with a shiny black coat. Onyx can also take the typical form of a black base with white striations running through it, so it works for horses with white strips.

9. Blaze

You don’t naturally associate fire with blackness. Not unless you’re focusing on the soot. But you might have a black horse with a single white stripe on its face. This stripe often runs between its eyes and down its nose, and it’s called a blaze marking. So Blaze is a good male black horse name if your dark stallion has a splash of lighter color running down its nose.

10. Agate


Agate – like onyx – is a semiprecious stone. And while we assume it’s a black stone, agate comes in other colors ranging from pink to green and even purple. Black agate looks similar to onyx, but while the white lines on onyx are parallel and straight, the white striations on agate are more likely to be circular and rounded. So agate works for a curvy black mare.

11. Bucephalus

Heard of Alexander the Great? He had a black stallion named Bucephalus, so yours will have a famous namesake. The original Bucephalus has a white star and was allegedly afraid of its shadow. While we can’t prove that rumor, we do know Alexander was one of the world’s greatest conquerors and generals. The name is derived from bous (ox) and kephalos (head).

12. Batman / Bruce

The Dark Knight. The hero of the streets. Gotham’s avenger. Whatever you may think about the famous billionaire vigilante and his raspy voice, Bruce Wayne is quite commonly associated with black emblems. Plus, most of his iterations are powerful and moody. You might be drawn to the unmatched horsepower of the Bat Mobile too. It makes a good name.

13. Drogon

While we’re in the space of pop culture, you’re sure to have heard of Drogon. He’s Daenerys Targaryen’s black dragon, and she’s equally skilled on horseback as she is on dragon wings. So in homage to the Dothraki Khaleesi, you might go for Drogon as your favorite black horse name. Just make sure it fits the horse’s personality – feisty, fiery, fast, and loyal.

14. Raven

We often mistake ravens for crows. They’re all part of the Corvidae family, which includes ravens, crows, choughs, and magpies. Corvids are clever birds that have adapted to humans and they sometimes recognize the individual humans that purposely feed them. A raven is bigger than the others and has a better reputation, so it’s more popular as a horse name.

15. Jack


Among the crow family, jackdaws are distinct for their white markings. A jackdaw’s head, wings, and tail are a darker black while the rest of its body could be a lighter black with bits of white. So if your horse has white sections, you could name him Jack (for jackdaw). If she’s a mare, you can name her Jacquie instead. A surname of Daw or Doh could be optional.

16. Ebony

Let’s move into the realm of timber. Ebony is a dark kind of hardwood so the word has become shorthand for anything dark or black. It’s an obvious black horse name for both stallions and mares, though you might shorten it to Ebby or Ebbie while the horse is younger. You may prefer to keep the nickname if the horse is personally attached to you.

17. Nazgul / Ulairi

We mentioned them earlier – these nine characters from the Tolkien sphere are sometimes called Black Riders. They used to be human, but now they’re ringwraiths who ride black horses. So if you’re a LOTR fan and you don’t mind strange looks from the neighbors, then Ulairi and Nazgul are both ideal black horse names. Or you could go with their king, Angmar.

18. Angus

If naming your black horse Angmar (king of the Nazgul) feels too dark, you could opt for a similar-sounding Angus. It’s a popular masculine black horse name. It possibly comes from Aberdeen Angus, a breed of pure black beef that comes from Scotland. If you want to sound exotic, you could try using its Irish spelling (Oengus) or its old Gaelic variant (Aonghas).

19. Luna

This name commonly comes up for pets with dark skin or fur. It’s mostly a female black horse name because it sounds soft and feminine. The name comes from its association with the moon, which is rarely seen during the day. So while moonlight is bright white (or sometimes yellow), its link to the dark is what makes Luna so popular among black mares.

20. Matt


This name isn’t that obvious, but it could be a hit among pun lovers. The name refers to matte black, and it could be a suitable name if your horse has a paler black body or if his/her coat lacks that distinct glossiness. Another name along these lines might be Sirius of Harry Potter fame. His surname was Black, so naming your horse Sirius is a signal to fellow fans.

21. Thestral

Once again, this is a Harry Potter reference. Thestrals are black-winged horses that are invisible to most people. You can only see them if you’ve watched someone die, and they can be quite scary. But thestrals have an impeccable sense of direction. They’re kind of the homing pigeons of the wizarding world, so it’s a fortunate name for a traveling companion.

22. Edward

You’ll notice we’re on a roll here. So if you’re into TV vampires, and you don’t want to dah for Dracula, you might choose to name your dark horse Edward (from Twilight). Or Damian (from Vampire Diaries). You might be pulled towards villains associated with darkness. You could opt for Voldemort or Severus (Harry Potter). Or Darth Vader and Kylo (Star Wars).

23. Morticia

The lovely and ravenous Mrs. Addams would be proud to have a black mare named after her. Although the entire Addams Family is pretty dark, so depending on the personality of your horse, you could use any of the family as a basis for black horse names. Gomez for a stallion, Wednesday for a caustic filly, or Pugsley for a cheerfully cheeky colt with a wild mean streak.

24. Zorro

You can tell how much of a fan you are by your response to this black horse name. Did you immediately slash a Z in the air with your fingers? Or maybe you’re reading this paragraph in an Antonia Banderas accent. Either way, Zorro is a masked hero who’s good with his sword and always dressed in black and rides horses, so Zorro is a great name for your black stallion.

25. Diablo


Some of us are afraid of the devil. Others are big fans of Samael, the bible’s morning star. So versions of this name make popular black horse names. They include Diablo (Spanish) and Lucifer for black stallions. You might call a black are Lucy (short for Lucifer). You might even be less direct and call your horse Demon, though all these names may offend the religious …

26. Bolt

Another common genre in black horse names is the weather. So names like Lightning or Thunder are popular since we see (and hear) them best at night. Bolt (referring to lightning) is a good name for a fast horse, even if the horse doesn’t rave commercially. You could also go with Storm or Tornado, suggesting the power and turbulent personality of your horse.

27. Ghost

Here’s another black horse name that seems ironic. As far as we know, ghosts are translucent white. But we still associate them with darkness – maybe because their pale bodies are invisible during the day. Dark horses are sometimes associated with death, which might be why Ghost and Grim (reaper) are top choices. You can also name the horse Spirit.

28. Bagheera / Baloo

Many of us have read or watched the Jungle Book, so we’re familiar with the black panther Bagheera and the black bear Baloo. What you may not know is that baloo is the Hindu word for bear while bagheera is the Hindu word for panther. Meaning both these words would be good black horse names. Or you could go a step further and name your horse after T’Challa …

29. Giza

Giza is the Swahili word for darkness so it’s a typical name for black horses. You might also go with Moshi, which is Swahili for smoke, or Jivu, which is Swahili for Ash. The English equivalents of these names work too, so Blackie, Darkie, or Sootie all work. As a shortcut, use the translations of these words in your vernacular, or any UN language (Italian, Arabic etc.)

30. Twilight


While twilight is lighter than night, we often associate it with darkness. So words that relate to this time of day are good names for black horses. Apart from Twilight, you could opt for Dawn if your black horse is a mare or Dusk if the horse is male. They work exceptionally well for black horses that have white star-like spots or speckles along their rumps or shoulders.

31. Oreo

Any black horse with white detail would love the name Oreo. The white could be a star, blaze, or even stockings. On the other hand, if you want a sweet name that’s not associated with cookies, you could opt for Treacle, a kind of black syrup that’s common in the UK. Or you could go for Liquorice, a dark type of string candy. Maybe even Molly, short for molasses.

32. Jet

While ‘jet black’ is a clichéd comparison, it certainly makes a good black horse name. It refers both to your horse’s complexion and speed. But if you’d like a reference to characters that ride black horses, you could name your horse Azrael. That’s the Angel of Death, so it makes sense you’d think of your dark horse leading you into the afterlife. But Jet is lighter.

33. Guinness

Beer drinkers around the world praise the might of Guinness. Of course, its formulation is different in Ireland – it’s not the same beer they export. But the distinct black shade of this Irish stout makes it an intuitive black horse name. Along those lines, you could also name the horse Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker. These two are dark brands of whisky in black packs.

What’s your favorite black horse name? Tell us how you came up with it in the comments!

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