How Much Does an Arabian Horse Cost?

An Arabian horse is one of the enhanced breeds of horses we have today. Most horse lovers treasure it because of its striking beauty, fast speed, friendliness, and incomparable endurance.

How much are you likely to part with to own an Arabian horse? Usually, these adaptable horses cost between $5,000 and $10,000, but this range is not fixed. In 2015, 10-year-old Pepita, a polish Arabian mare, fetched a breathtaking €1.4 million! Elements such as age, bloodline, training, and show records influence the price of Arabian horses.

In this simple guide, we will discuss how much an Arabian horse costs and other critical details regarding this horse breed. Hopefully, it helps you understand why most people adore it and decide if it’s worth your money.

What is an Arabian Horse?

An Arabian horse is a versatile, original breed whose origin is in the Arabian Peninsula. Arabians are easy to identify because they are super attractive. They also feature distinctive physical traits such as a high tail carriage and a unique head shape.

Arabian horses can comfortably survive in various environments. They’re also intelligent and gentle. Human beings love them because they’re easy to work with, even for individuals who know nothing about horses.

Due to their excellent physical and behavioral characteristics, Arabian horses are on the list of the most expensive and sought-after horses worldwide.

Distinguishing features of an Arabian horse

If you want to know if a horse is purely Arabic, watch out for these features.

Arabian horse body

Arabian horses come with thin, graceful, and compact figures. Their nostrils are large, with a tiny muzzle. This horse breed features large, round, almond-shaped eyes that are expressive, dark, and beautifully set apart. If you measure the distance between an Arabian horse’s eyes and muzzle, it is short.

Arabian horses’ heads have a small profile and a large forehead. This horse breed has a long, curved neck, sturdy, muscled legs, and short backs.

An Arabian horse also has a high tail carriage.

Arabian horse size and weight

Compared to many horse breeds, Arabian horses are small, with an average height of 56 – 64 inches. They weigh between 800lbs and 1,000lbs. Some Arabians may be slightly weightier, thanks to selective breeding, but they might not be pure breeds.

Arabian horse coat colors

According to the Arabian Horse Association, the most popular Arabian horse coat colors are bay, black, chestnut, and gray. Some may feature white markings on their faces because of their distinct bloodlines, like the Crabbet. Other Arabians have the Sabino gene that gives their coat a white pattern.

While the colors of Arabian horses’ coats vary, their skin is always black, apart from where they have white markings. This protects the animals against the scorching sun.


Arabians are among the most powerful, enduring horse breeds on the planet. Even so, their strength doesn’t mean they are the fastest. A Thoroughbred or Quarter horse is likely to beat an Arabian in a race.


Arabians have a friendly nature. More often than not, they try to adapt to the needs of their riders or trainers to please them. They are also curious animals, which makes training them a piece of cake. An Arabian will give its trainer a thousand chances to teach it new techniques no matter what it takes.

In addition, Arabians are intelligent and confident. This is evident from the way they stroll as if they were royalty in the equine kingdom.

the Physical features of an Arabian horse

Body  Thin and compact
Nose  Large with a small muzzle
Eyes Large, round, dark, almond-shaped
Forehead  Large
Neck Long and arched
Back  Short
Legs Strong and muscled
Coat colors  Bay, gray, chestnut, black

Arabian horse History

The Bedouins were the first people to breed Arabian horses centuries ago. This horse breed was handy during wars, plus it also enabled the Arabic group to raid villages. Due to exposure to harsh climatic conditions in the desert, the Arabian horse’s endurance massively increased over the years.

Word about the great features of Arabians spread quickly. The western world began to import Arabians for riding. They also mixed this breed with other breeds to create horses that are more superior.

Some of the historical figures known to ride Arabian horses are Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and George Washington.

How much does an Arabian horse cost?

How much does an Arabian horse cost

Today, a seven or 8-year-old Arabian horse with a known lineage is priced at about $5,000 to 10,000. This horse breed is this expensive because of its alluring physical traits, not to mention incredible endurance, gentleness, and speed.

Some Arabians have been known to cost a lot more, depending on their training, bloodline, age, color, and show records. For instance, the price tag on a top show Arabian could read between $80,000 and $150,000.

Some horse owners purchase Arabians primarily for breeding. This explains why Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds are connected to Arabian bloodlines.

What determines the price of an Arabian horse?

What determines the price of an Arabian horse

Are you planning to purchase an Arabian horse soon? Below, find the top factors that will determine the amount you pay for it.


Training an Arabian horse calls for experience, patience, and time. An expert has to do it. That’s why trained Arabians fetch more cash than untrained ones.

If a horse has undergone extensive training before its sale, sellers provide evidence to prove it. This justifies the high price they ask for it.


An Arabian’s prime-age is 7-14 years old. Those within this age bracket are more expensive because they are best for riding or shows. If an Arabian is in its late teens or above 20-years old, its price is significantly lower when compared that of younger horses.


The bloodline of an Arabian plays a crucial role in determining its price. A horse from a strong, historical heritage is priced higher than that from a weaker bloodline. Generally, there are six Arabian horse bloodlines: The Crabbet, Polish, Spanish, Domestic, Russian, and Egyptian. All these produce exotic Arabians whose cost varies.


Interestingly, the unique structure of an Arabian also influences its final price on the market. Generally, Arabians feature impressive looks, but those with a combination of more refined conformations are preferred and thus more expensive.

These in-demand features include expressive eyes and flagged tails.


The Arabian horse comes in colors such as bay, chestnut, and black. Some are more common than others, explaining why this may affect the horse’s price. For instance, black is extremely rare. Therefore, a bay Arabian horse may cost less than a black one.

Show records

Some horse enthusiasts hunt for Arabians simply because they are great show horses that could help them make more money. If the one you want to purchase has exemplary show records, prepare to cough up more than $10,000.

Additional costs

Getting an Arabian horse off the market is not the only cost you’ll pay to own it. Other expenses that you’ll incur are as follows:

  • Diet

Expect to spend about $250-$4000 on your Arabian horse’s food. The exact amount you’ll pay depends on the animal’s age and daily activities.

  • Boarding

You’ll need to find a comfy space to keep your Arabian horse after purchase. The boarding costs of Arabian horses are $800-$2540 on average.

  • Healthcare

The health of your Arabian horse is critical. Some of the medical bills you’ll pay  are for dental care and vaccines, which could cost approximately $50-$100 and $350, respectively.

  • Training

If you’re buying an Arabian horse for racing, you must get a competent equine trainer. They could charge between $40 and $100 daily.

  • Insurance

Considering how expensive Arabian horses are, it’s prudent to insure yours in case it suffers an injury, falls ill, or gets stolen. The insurance costs are affected by the policy you want and the company you choose.



Is an Arabian horse aggressive?

No. Arabian horses are a gentle, sociable breed. They are known to be fond of human beings, which is why they forge loyal relationships with their owners or riders.

Notably, you should handle an Arabian horse with the same gentleness it sends out. Otherwise, it might retaliate.

What makes Arabian horses unique?

Arabian horses are special because of their exotic beauty. Most people also deem them unique due to their ability to function properly or survive on less water and food.

Can I ride my Arabian horse if I’m inexperienced?

Yes, thanks to an Arabian horse’s friendly and forgiving nature. These horses are also very patient, enabling them to create the perfect environment for amateur horse riders.

What’s the average speed of Arabian horses?

The average speed of an Arabian horse is 65 miles/hour. This means that this horse breed is faster than an average horse, whose speed is about 55 miles/hour.

What’s the life expectancy of Arabian horses?

Thirty years. The prime age of an Arabian horse is about 6 to 20 years.

Conclusion: Should You Buy an Arabian horse?

Yes. With its remarkable beauty, compassionate nature, endurance, and speed, an Arabian horse is worth every dime. Make sure your budget can cover its initial price and extra costs before purchasing the horse. This allows you to take the best care of the equine to guarantee its health and comfort.

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