Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable? (8 Facts)

Whether riding a horse or walking, do you ever wonder if using cowboy boots is comfortable? Do you think some people only wear these boots because it’s a safety measure?

Well, you are about to find out. Here, we’ll talk about, are cowboy boots comfortable?

If it’s your first time using these shoes, you may tend to go for the looks rather than what will fit you. But remember, many things go beyond how the boots look.

These boots should allow you to use them to do many things besides horse riding. But some people may have a different opinion. So, if you are ready, we’ll start by answering if cowboy boots are comfortable.

Does it Feel Nice to Wear Cowboy Boots?

Most horse riders will tell you that cowboy boots are comfortable to the feet. Once you wear them, you’ll have a proper foot balance.

So, to get this feeling, they must fit your legs well. Yes, the looks of any stuff are always important. But when it comes to cowboy shoes, the looks should be the least of your worries.

Remember, you have to jam your toes in the shoes for any boot to fit your fit. Then ensure that they are all comfortable, especially the traditional toe.

Besides fitting your toe, these shoes come in a way that will give you an easy time to remove them. So, it means you can wear them fast when going to work.

These boots won’t be comfortable on your feet if you don’t pick on the right fit. Also, they won’t be good on you if you have hammertoes. You’ll feel more pain on the front part of your feet.

But more features make cowboy boots more comfortable. Please take a look at them.

Things that make Cowboy Boots Comfortable

When buying any cowboy boots, there are some specs that you should consider. Remember, as you buy any cowboy boots, choose one that you can afford.

Also, go for the boots that suit your lifestyle. Keep reading to see more about these features.

1. Insole


Like any other type of shoe, cowboy boots may tempt you with their outward look. But remember that the outer look won’t tell you about how a shoe looks like.

So, if you want to feel good as you wear the shoes, choose boots with insoles with a cushion. These are the boots that will be nice to wear every time.

If the insole is thin and hard, you might even get some foot injuries. Every shoe size comes with an insole of the perfect size for your leg.

2. Material


Cowboy boots come from traditional leather materials. These things are tough and strong. It means you can use them to work anywhere.

But there are more artificial materials that help to make these boots. Though they are nice, these modern materials aren’t as strong as the old ones.

For the sake of getting comfort, then you should go for boots with traditional leather materials. Also, they’ll last for a long time.

3. The Size

The Size

Besides the insole and material of the boots, pick on something that can fit the size of your feet and legs. This feature is what will determine if the shoes will make you comfortable or not.

So, here you should look at two things. One is the season you are buying the shoes. The other one is the work you do.

If you buy the shoes during winter and work for many hours, you should buy something that’s half bigger than your normal size. Remember, it’s when your feet and legs can reduce in size because of the season.

When buying shoes in the summer, buy the cowboy boots of your actual size. You can add on a pair of socks.

Parts of a Cowboy Boots that Give You Comfort

Parts of a Cowboy Boot

It doesn’t matter the type of cowboy boot you have; all have similar parts and specs. So, below are the parts with their features.

4. Shaft


This part of the boots makes the shoe have the name cowboy boots. It’s the top part that keeps your ankle and lower leg muscle safe. So, expect the part to be of strong leather material.

If you happen to get the traditional cowboy boots, you’ll see that they have many drawings and art. Well, the details show the culture or place from where the boots are made.

The height of the shaft is what makes the boots higher than normal working boots. Most cowboy boots have a height of more than 14 inches. It’s because of their shaft.

5. The Vamp

With this area of the boot, you’ll have more space to bend without any problems. They’ll also make your toes have no pain.

Like the shaft, this part helps separate the traditional cowboy boots from any other boots. Also, the leather material around this area is strong to prevent it from breaking. So, besides making you feel comfortable, the boots will last for a long time.

6. Heel

Most cowboy boots have high heels. They’ll help you get more balance.

This part is different from the other normal boots. Well, it’s because the heels are flat only to give you comfort in other shoes or boots. But as for the cowboy boots’ heels, you’ll get comfort and balance.

Also, besides helping you walk well, these heels will help you ride the horse with much comfort. It’s from this point that the shoes will hook the stirrups on the horse as you ride.

7. Toe Shaft

Toe Shaft

It’s the part of the shoe that holds your pointed or snip toe. Also, it gives more space to your largest toe. So, expect the part to give you comfort.

Also, the leather material that firms use to make the toe shaft is strong. Besides giving you more comfort, it’s the part that will protect your toes. On most cowboy boots, you’ll find that the toe shaft is a either square or round.

8. The Sole

The Sole

The outer sole is also key in giving you comfort and balance. This part isn’t very thick. Most come from natural or sanded leather. So, this material makes the soles of cowboy boots to be different from hiking or any other boots.

Also, the soles will help you walk well on mud and dirt on hard floors. The thick and heavy soles will give you a hard time as you walk on such areas.

How Cowboy Boots Should Fit You

How Cowboy Boots Should Fit You

Any pair of cowboy boots that fits you should comfort your feet. Once you place the feet inside the boots, they should feel like a strong handshake.

If the boots are new, it’s okay for the heel to slip a bit. But as the shoe wears off, the feet will fit in the boot well, and the heel won’t slip again.

Remember, if the heel can’t move and the boots are new, then they aren’t fit for you. It also shows that the space in the toe shaft isn’t enough. Your toes should reach the toe area but not take up the whole space.

Also, as you stand, the ball of your foot should be in line with the broadest part of your sole. Otherwise, it won’t be comfortable for you.

As you buy the shoes and they are loose, they’ll never fit on your feet well. So, for the best comfort on the cowboy boots, buy the ones that fit you well.

Styles of the Cowboy Boots

Styles of the Cowboy Boots

You can’t use every cowboy boot for the same purpose and be comfortable. Each shoe has its use.

Some boots are the best suited to riding a horse. Others will be best to do many types of work. So, here are the common styles of cowboy boots.

Classic Western

These shoes will give you more comfort without any laces. Such boots have a shaft of 12 inches.

The heels range from 1 to 2 inches high. It means that the boots are suitable for horse riding. So, while riding the horse, your feet won’t slide from the stirrups.


Like the classic western boots, ropers also don’t come with laces. They have a heel of about 1 inch and are squared off. The shaft goes slightly above the ankles.

But the best spec about cowboy boots is the flexible sole. You’ll have more balance as you walk. Most come with round toe shafts and a few with square toe styles.

Western Work Boots

These boots have heels that are less than two inches. But the soles have a strong rubber to give you a better holding ground as you walk or walk.

They have a shaft that goes up to the mid-calf of your leg. The toe shaft is either round or square. So, these specs make the boots nice for working.


The shoes have a short and wide heels. So, it makes them good for walking and doing some light works.

They have a wide toe shaft. Expect them to have a long leg shaft with beautiful drawings.

Buckaroo Boots

With these boots, you can use them well for riding a horse. They have long shafts with many drawings.

The heels are over 2 inches. So, don’t worry about sliding from the stirrups.


A pair of cowboy boots will be comfortable to your feet if you pick the right one. These boots come in many styles. So, you should know the one suitable for either horse riding, working, or walking.

Yes, falling for the outer look of the boots is beautiful. But if the inner parts aren’t good, the boots won’t be comfortable to your feet.

So, do you plan to buy any cowboy boots soon? If you own a pair already, how does it feel on your feet? Feel free to reach to us and tell us how you feel.

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  1. Most people who tell you that they don’t feel comfortable in cowboy boots, just never got a good fit. It’s pretty easy to get wrong impression if you just grab first pair that looks good. For a first pair I would definitely go to specialized store and get a good fit, maybe even ask ’em to give you measurements for future pairs.


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