Einstein Horse: Everything You Need to Know

Do you ever fancy knowing about a horse with many racing titles in the world? Well, look no further! Although it’s not alive, the Einstein horse was what to look for in the horse world.

So, we’ll explain the history of the Einstein horse, its features, and the things it did while it was alive.

People knew the horse for its small size at birth, being suitable for racing, and being calm. Before it died, if you desired to own a miniature horse that would give you the best company, you would love to have the Einstein horse.

But where did the Einstein horse come from? If you’re ready, let’s look at the history of the Einstein horse.

History of the Einstein Horse

History of the Einstein Horse

When you hear the name Einstein, what comes to your mind? Maybe something great with white hair and one with a tongue out. But in the horse world, it’s different. It’s the world’s smallest mini you would have come across.

Born and bred in Brazil on 23rd October 2002, the Einstein Horse was the smallest. Fazenda Mondesire bred the male horse.

Also, the farmer did the breeding using two horses with beautiful features. So, the father was 32-inches tall, while the mother was 30-inches tall. And what was the result? A horse with excellent features.

Remember, the father of the horse was the American Horse of the year in 1985. Also, the mother was great. It won the Brazil filly of the year in 1988. So, by breeding the two horses, it was in no doubt that Einstein would be a horse with beautiful features.

When it was born, Einstein surprised many because of his tiny look. At birth, it didn’t have any problems.

Fazenda then took the mini to its new trainer in the United States. So, Hellen Pitts, the new owner, took care of the horse to become suitable for racing. Hellen Pitts is an American who is good at training horses.

On 3rd September 2009, Frank Stronach became the new owner. Being a famous trader and leader, he bought it from Midnight Cry Stables. So, Frank was the owner of the mini until when it died on 28th October 2020. He was at 18 years.

Features of the Einstein Horse


The Einstein horse was one of the best racing horses in the world. But what features made it possible to be a great horse? So, let’s look at what the Einstein horse was made of while it was alive.

Height and Weight

The Einstein horse was 14-inch tall. Also, it weighed 6 pounds or 2.7kg at birth. It shows that it was a mini-horse when it was born.

Einstein’s body features were similar to that of a normal foal. Even when it grew up, it had the body size of a big dog but later on matured to be fit for racing.

Also, it couldn’t hang around with other horses because of its body size. So, the best company were human beings who cared about it until when it matured.

With its height and weight, Einstein took the crown of being the smallest mini from Thumbelina. This mini has a size of 17.5 inches and at 5.7kg. But since Einstein died, Thumbelina still has the title in the records.


The Einstein horse was a dark bay or gray. This color came from breeding the Gay Charm and Ghadeer, which also had beautiful skin colors.


Like every horse, Einstein was calm and easy to train and handle. It would bring love and joy to those around it. Doesn’t it sound beautiful?

Remember, you shouldn’t confuse it with another mini-horse bred in 2006 that was also Einstein.

Achievements of the Einstein Horse

You’ve now seen how gentle the Einstein horse was while it was alive. Even if it was small, Hellen Pitts trained it to become suitable for racing. But did the horse achieve much? Let’s take a ride and see what good things the Einstein horse got in his life.

This horse was famous on the racing tracks. Also, the Einstein horse won big races starting from 25th February 2006, during his first participation.

But without Hellen, the Einstein horse would have attained fewer titles.

So, these races were as follows.

  • Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap, in 2006 and 2008. The Einstein horse won the two titles. It’s a race held at the Hallandale Beach, Florida, U. S. A.
  • Mervin H. Muniz Jr. Memorial Handicap in 2006 and 2008.
  • Turf Classic Stakes in 2008 and 2009. A grade four race, and it was for horses of 4 years and above.
  • Clark Handicap, in 2008. It’s a race for horses of three years and above.
  • Santa Anita Handicap in 2009.
  • Reserve Race Horse Race in Woodford in 2008 and 2009. Einstein won the race in 2008 and defended the title on 2nd May 2009.

Besides getting these big titles as a horse, the Einstein horse also had other facts. Please have a look at them.

  • The horse was close to winning three horse races in one year. But a horse ‘Macho Again’ took the first position in the Turf Classic Stakes in 2009.
  • He was in the ‘Gloria de Campeau’ and ‘Cima De Triomphe’ top races but didn’t win.
  • The ‘Breeders’ cup classic’ was the most challenging race for him to participate in. So, Einstein underwent good training for the race, but it didn’t win. Its rivals were Zenyatta and Rip Van Winkle. It was the saddest moment for Hellen Pitts as the horse got the 11th out of 12 participants.
  • Einstein retired from racing by Adena Springs in 2019.


The Einstein horse had beautiful life moments. Starting from when it was bred and born, the mini had attractive features. Also, its body size was smaller than that of the most miniature horse in the world but came on to become suitable for racing.

Through good training, the horse won many titles in U. S. A. Hellen Pitts ensured that it got many skills to make it suitable for racing. Also, the owner Frank Stronach gave the Einstein mini-horse an honorable retirement from racing.

So, do you have any questions and more information about the Einstein horse? Feel free to reach us.

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