9 Safe Tips to Paint On a Horse

Are you stuck on what and how to paint your horse for a given event or holiday? Well, with a good relationship with your horse, you can paint it for fun and as you keep falling in love with it. So, here we’ll cover horse painting tips to help you.

Yes, horse painting is simple. But if you don’t have the magic touch on your painting skills, you won’t like the look of your horse after painting it. It shouldn’t matter why you are painting your horse. Make it look beautiful.

But what should you focus on during horse painting? Get ready as we look at horse painting tips.

1. Pick a Safe Paint

Pick a Safe Paint

Picking the correct paint is essential. Your horses’ skin needs care just like your skin. So, use non-toxic paints.

Most of these paints allow you to paint your horse using your hand or with a brush.

But how will you know that paint is non-toxic? When buying the color, check for the non-toxic and washable label. Also, these paints are suitable because your horse will be safe as you have fun with them.

For example, tempera and tail tamer are safe paints to use in horse painting. Besides being safe, tempera will give you an easy time washing it after the fun. Also, both colors can fade but after the event.

Remember to stay away from other spray paints and acrylics because they can stain your horse. Also, these harmful paints won’t make your horse beautiful because of cracks as it moves.

Don’t use food colorings to paint your horse. Yes, it’s a good choice, but it will change the color of the coat.

2. Do a Color Test

Do a Color Test

So, how will you know that you love a given safe paint? Twenty-four hours before the main event, paint some part of the coat and wait for the result. If it’s good, make your horse beautiful.

If color options aren’t a bother to you, go for the grooming paints. You’ll only use them to color the horse hairs. But use a color that is clear on your horse.

3. Go for the Safe Paint Brushes

Go for the Safe Paint Brushes

Brushes matter in horse painting. Yes, you can use your fingers to paint your horse but, your horse won’t be attractive.

There are many brushes for you to choose from, but what should be your best selection? Go for brushes that have soft bristles. Such a brush is safe and kind on the horse’s skin.

Also, have an outline of 12 thick watercolor brushes. Remember, all shouldn’t be hard on the skin.

4. Groom Your Horse for Painting

Like painting the walls or surfaces, cleaning your horse is key in horse painting. So, if you want that paint to stick nicely on your horse, remove the dust from the coat. Remember, if you’ve been grooming your horse many times, it will be a plus for you.

If it’s hard for you to groom a horse, here is what you should do.

  • For a good result, start by tying your horse in a safe place. It will give you an easy time as you clean it.
  • Using a curry comb, loosen the mud, dust, and dirt from the coat. Do it from the neck going down to the sides of the horse. Remember, don’t use the comb on sensitive parts like the face, spine, and legs.
  • Remove any dust using a stiff brush. Also, use this brush to clean the face, back, and legs. Brush the areas gently to avoid any injuries.
  • Then, clean your horse’s eyes and nostrils using a wet sponge. Use a broad brush to groom the mane and tail.
  • Since you’ll also paint the hooves, so clean them. You’ll need a hoof pick to remove stones, mud, and other things from the foot.

5. Comb Paint Your Horse

Comb Paint Your Horse

Kickstart the painting using comb paint or chalk. Remember, you can do this activity easily in startled horses.

You will brush the paint all over the body parts. Paint the horse the same way you handle it during grooming.

How can you do it perfectly? Get enough paint on the brush. Then, as you follow the grain of the hair, brush the paint gently into the coat but in circular movements.

If you comb paint your startling horse, you’ll have an easy time. Your horse will be beautiful.

Painting in the direction of your horse’s hair allows the paint to stay on the coat for long. It will be easy to clean after the event.

6. You can Use Spray Paints

You can Use Spray Paints

Not every horse paint allows you to use a comb. Some colors come in the form of sprays. Remember, not every spray paint is safe for horse painting, so, be careful.

Also, you need to have some skills to spray-paint your horse well. If you’re unsure of your skills, spray on cardboard to know how the paint will look on your horse.

7. Use a Thick Paintbrush

Use a Thick Paintbrush

Sometimes using spray paint might scare your horse. So, in such cases, use a thick paintbrush. Use the tool carefully not to startle it suddenly.

Paint the horse in smooth movements and gently. Also, ensure you follow the grain of the hair nicely to make your horse look beautiful. Keep calm as you paint your horse using a paintbrush because it will also make your horse gentle.

A thick paintbrush will help in drawing your designs and lines on your horse as you paint it.

As you paint your horse, please observe the following things:

  • Avoid painting near the eyes, ears, and noses. Also, be careful while washing away the paint.
  • Paint your horse while it’s comfortable. It will give your horse focus and make it relax as you paint it.
  • Keep your horse busy to avoid it from becoming dull. Would you please give it some hay to chew?
  • Stay alert as you paint your horse. Yes, horse painting will be fun. But don’t allow it to make you forget that your horse’s mood can change.
  • Place the paints safely from the horse to prevent any loss of it knocking them down.
  • Saturating the coat with paint will give a hard time washing off the color.

8. Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

It’s good to take care of yourself before, during, and after you paint your horse. Like horse riding, you never know where an accident can come from during horse painting. Observing all the safety measures as you paint your horse also contributes to a successful horse painting activity.

So, as you paint your horse, how can you stay safe? Would you please observe the following tips?

  • Wear the Safety Gear

You should wear a pair of boots and a helmet while painting your horse. Even if you trust your horse, you never know what can upset it and kick you from behind. Although it’s rare, if it happens, the horse shouldn’t hurt you.

Also, you can wear gloves to protect your hands. Remember, as you’re painting, you’ll be handling many chemicals that can harm affect your skin. If your skin tends to react to some chemicals, it will be good to wear light gloves.

  • Approach Your Horse Well

If your horse is startling, come at it at a good angle. Approach your horse from a view where it can see you.

Coming straight from the back or front will surprise it. Remember, approaching it from the front or behind will lower its mood and make it angry. Also, you can talk to your horse as to go to it.

  • Move Away from Your Horse if its Angry

While painting your horse, something might disturb its peace. If you see any signs showing that your horse is not comfortable in any way, stay back. It won’t have any chance of kicking you from the back or be harsh to you.

9. Come Up with Fun Horse Painting Ideas

It’s easy to make your horse beautiful using paints. An attractive horse will make people fall in love with it and have fun.

Ensure you do tests before dying your horse with different colors. Let’s take a look at some ideas to use while painting your horse.

  • Draw a Skeleton on Your Horse

A skeleton has pure bones. Take your paint and a thick paintbrush and draw where you see the bones on your horse.

What if it becomes challenging to draw the skeleton? Look for a good picture of a structure, print it, and use it to paint on your horse. It will be easier.

Also, you can find a good artist who can draw on paper. If your horse has a dark coat and you paint it white, it will glow at night. Depending on your horse’s size, the least you can take to draw the skeleton is 2 hours.

  • Paint the Whole Body

You can turn your horse to another color using your paint. It’s a beautiful idea to dark horse almost the whole body.

Ensure you mix up the colors well and pour the paint on your horse’s body.

Remember, don’t do it if you’re preparing for an event or show. Also, please don’t use this idea when the weather is cold. It will make your horse shiver.

  • Decorate Using Stencils and Paint

Using stencils and paint is an easy horse painting idea. Here, you will need the tempera paint to give your horse a beautiful look.

But how can you do it? Take the stencil, holding it against the horse’s body, and dip it in the paint using a soft brush. Also, to make this design more attractive, add some taste glitter.

Use the hairspray to put the glitter. Remember, use a glow that is safe for horse painting. So, can you picture your horse moving around at night while glowing in the stencil designs?

  • Paint Your Horse Using Stock Markers

Are you preparing your horse for a race? Then, stock markers will be the best painting thought for your horse.

You will paint your horse using colors that look like big pencils. The paint will be waterproof and can last for even a week after painting.

  • Paint Using Symbols

If you love your culture a lot, you can paint signs on your horse. Just like tattoos, every mark has a different meaning to you.

It’s an easy thing. Use your fingers and draw the shapes and symbols that you want. Also, you can place your hands in the paint you want and put it on your horse’s body.

  • Paint the Tail and Mane

Painting the horse’s tail and mane alone will also make it look amazing. Once you mix the paint well, you will be good to go. Also, you can mix different colors if you want.

After that, use spray paint to make the tail and mane look beautiful. Then, add some glitter to it to add the icing on the cake.

  • Go for the Hooves

Painting the hooves alone can make your horse stand out. Like human beings, decorating the nails make one look beautiful. It’s the same with horses. People will fall in love with your horse.

So, with hooves, use bright colors to make your horse beautiful.

You can use one solid color for all hooves. Also, to add an extra touch, apply the coat of glitter hoof paint. The choice is in your hands.

Start by placing the solid color. Then, put a hoof polish on it. Before it dries, add some glitter to it.

Remember, these paintings can dry. So, you can paint the hoofs only at special events.


Horse painting is good for you and your horse. It improves the relationship with your horse. People will fall in love with your horse once you paint it nicely.

But if you don’t do it well, you won’t like the look on your horse. Also, you will have problems as you paint your horse, including getting an injury.

Would you please follow our horse painting tips to see that your horse becomes more beautiful? It will make you happy.

With that in mind, do you have any questions or more tips for horse painting? Did you like the tips? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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