Top 10 Best Horse Trailer Brands In the World

Horses are a very diverse species with hundreds of breeds worldwide. Therefore, as you begin searching for a horse trailer that will meet your transportation needs, you will likely come across just as many horse trailer brands.

This article will focus on 10 of the most respected horse trailer brands with excellent safety and comfort ratings on the market. However, before selecting a trailer, you need to consider the design and configuration best suited to you and your horses.

It would help if you also thought about how your horse will enter the trailer, how you plan to tow it, its material, and hauling capacity. Will you use your trailer for short camping trips or extended road trips with your horses searching for the best trails across the country?

This article will help direct you to a horse trailer manufacturer that will likely meet all of your needs, including any special requests.

Best Horse Trailer Brands In the World

1. Featherlite



Featherlite horse trailers have been an industry leader since breaking into the market just fifty years ago. They offer a highly-resistant aluminum construction which allows for a greater load capacity due to its lighter material weight.

As with all the trailer companies, we will discuss in this article, Featherlite’s inventory includes bumper-pulled, gooseneck, straight-load, and slant-load configurations. In addition, the company offers trailers complete with living quarters for those seeking extended adventures with their loved horses.

Most importantly, all Featherlite trailer inventory passes all federal safety standards with flying colors. One of their most notable features is the exclusive design of their roofs known as the “pierce & roll roof system.”

With their unique riveting system, no holes fully pierce the skin of the trailer’s roof, which reduces the risk of water penetration.


2. Sundowner



Since 1976, Sundowner Trailers have offered the North American and Canadian markets quality trailers for every need. As a horse owner, you will likely have to transport your horse at some point, whether for a show, competition, recreational trailing, or a trip to the vet’s office.

If these trips end up extended for any reason, you will be happy to return to a comfortable space where you and your horses are safe and relaxed. This company is another industry leader whose class and comfort are unmatched with their fine attention to detail.

Whether you need a basic aluminum livestock trailer or already know that you need living quarters, Sunflower is an optimal choice. They offer trailers that may be bumper-pulled or fit by gooseneck, depending on what towing vehicle you have and your hauling needs.


3. Exiss



Exiss trailers may not have as long a presence on the market as some other trailer manufacturers, but that does not speak for their quality. Still, nonetheless, they have earned the trust of more than 120 dealers across the United States, Canada, and even some international locations.

Exiss Trailers offer great financing options for their aluminum livestock trailers. Still, you will be happy to know that because of their innovative production practices, they boast of their ability to provide trailers at up to 30% less cost than their competitors.

This company has a solution for you, whether you are looking for a low-profile bumper-pulled or gooseneck trailer with either a straight or slant-load design. If you are looking for world-class craftsmanship and need a trailer with living quarters, Exiss will also happily deliver.


4. Cimarron



Now wholly owned and operated by their employees, Cimarron is a legendary namesake in custom-built trailers. The Cimarron experience offers “strength, design, and stability to fit any equestrian lifestyle.”

With loads of interior and exterior options and features available, Cimarron trailers can safely haul up to eight horses. Watch this video about the world’s most expensive horse trailer with luxury-style quarters for both you and your horses.

The Cimarron employee prides themself on superior quality production and innovation techniques to provide an elegantly robust finish. The names of each Cimarron employee travels around the nation with its trusted trailer owners and equestrian friends.


5. Trails West Trailers

Trails West Trailers


These manufacturers love horses and the outdoors just as much as you do. So as you plan your next adventure together with your family, keeping your horses in mind, you will be able to find a solution, whether entry-level or high-class.

Trails West offers both bumper-pulled and gooseneck towing options and wood flooring on all their horse trailer models. When you step up to their living quarter trailers, they provide fine details such as a cowboy hat rack for the true western aficionado.


6. Titan Trailer MFG, INC

Titan Trailer MFG, INC


Kansas-born trailer manufacturer, Titan Trailer, may not offer a living quarter model, but their horse trailers will not disappoint. This company seems to have a reputation amongst the equestrian landscape for providing long-lasting and durable horse trailers.

With their aluminum and galvanized steel build, Titan Trailer excels at providing a quality product and even has several useful options, including air conditioning and stud gates to outfit their bumper-pulled or gooseneck trailers.


7. Merhow



Merhow has been a trusted name in the equestrian world for over 60 years, and its portfolio includes a wide range of bumper-pulled and gooseneck trailers.

Their Next Generation and Stampede model horse trailer with living quarters is a stunning work of craftsmanship. In addition, the manufacturers use premium hardwood as their finishing material of choice for their complete set-up living area.

Merhow horse trailers became known as the Cadillac of equine and livestock transportation if you can appreciate the comparison. And, through the years, this company continues to strive for excellence.

Their website states they are known for “offering the safest, most user-friendly and highest resale value trailer in the industry, complete with the most inclusive warranty.”

That’s a wrap!


8. 4 Star Trailers

4 Star Trailers


The manufacturers of 4 Star Trailers use WERM Flooring, “a low cost and environmentally friendly product that is made from 100% post industrial recycled rubber,” to provide a non-slip and comfortable surface in the stalls.

4 Star Trailers are not only beautiful to look at but are comfortable to haul for you as the driver. As an industry first, this company introduced the ‘Quiet Ride’ technology to its trailers.

Even though a full-size horse trailer with living quarters may not be what you are looking for, I would be doing you an injustice if I did not introduce you to their “Essence” model.

If Merhow is the Cadillac of the industry, then 4 Star Trailers are the Ritz Carlton on wheels.


9. CM Trailers

CM Trailers


CM Trailers is a trailblazer in the trailer industry. At CM, customers and employees alike have a voice. For that reason, these trailers deliver satisfaction and durability.

With all the different variations in towing and design configurations available, CM Trailers is a trustworthy option to safely haul your horses across the country.

This company is a quality no-frills trailer manufacturer that offers its trailers at an economical price. Horse enthusiasts will love the idea of a trailer built to last.


10. Adam Trailers

Adam Trailers


If you have a full-operating ranch and need to transport up to twelve horses at a time, Adams Trailers has a configuration that is right for you. The interior options on their living quarter models offer incredible layouts from Virginia-based Gunslinger Interiors.

No doubt about it, their bumper-pulled and gooseneck aluminum trailers are here to last. Adam Trailers is a 3-generational family company with all-American-built trailers.


How To Safely Drive A Horse Trailer

Once you have acquired your horse trailer, another learning process is about to begin. Driving a horse trailer can be intimidating, so you have to practice over and over and over again.

Your horses are precious cargo, and it is your responsibility to keep them safe and healthy. Transporting your horses across the country requires a quality trailer as well as a quality driver.

Here are some tips for safe driving with your horse trailer:

First, perform pre-trip inspections on your horse trailer and towing vehicle.

  • Ensure that your trailer and towing vehicle are a proper match.
  • Inspect that the hitch and attaching hardware are in good working order.
  • Check for rust along with the undercarriage of your trailer and around moving parts.
  • Check for broken lights, damaged safety chains, or any other compromising features.
  • Ensure that brakes and emergency brakes are functioning correctly.

Second, practice hitching up and driving your unloaded horse trailer a million times before taking your horse for a spin.

  • Practice turning, backing up, and emergency stopping over and over again.

TIP: For backing up, “Put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel to start. If you want the trailer to move to the left, move your hand to the left and vice versa.”

Third, after you have prepared your horse and gear for travel, it’s time to pack up and hit the road. Now it is time to employ safe driving 101.

  • Invest in mirror extenders and ensure you have good rear and side visibility before proceeding on the highway.
  • Due to the immense amount of weight you are hauling, you must allow for extra stopping distance.
  • Travel at a safe speed and never exceed the recommended limits set by your horse trailer manufacturer.
  • Approach turns carefully, considering the traction capability of your towing vehicle and trailer.
  • Allow proper acceleration and deceleration times at intersections and on or down-ramps.


Having a horse trailer is of extreme benefit to horse owners. Whether you choose a no-frills option or prefer to have a trailer with living quarters included for extended trips, there are several options for you to consider.

Remember to approach various manufacturers throughout your shopping experience to find the model and configuration that best suits your needs.

Please remember safety comes first when your horses are in tow. It would be helpful to leave any questions or concerns regarding horse trailer brands in the comment section below.

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