Can You Ride a Horse while Pregnant?

Are you a woman who loves horse riding and wonder if you can ride a horse while you are pregnant or not? Will it harm or help you and your baby who’s yet to come?

Well, you should worry less. Here we’ll answer the big question, can you ride a horse while pregnant?

Most doctors will tell you that some exercises like horse riding can do more harm than good to you as a pregnant woman. Some will tell you that this act is your choice. Also, it can have no harmful effect on your pregnancy.

So, let’s go right to it. We’ll begin by answering if it’s right to ride a horse while you are expecting your baby.

Will it be Safe to Ride a Horse if you are Pregnant?

Will it be Safe to Ride a Horse if you are Pregnant

It’s simple. Yes! You can ride a horse while you are pregnant.

It will depend on the stage of your pregnancy. Also, it would be best if you ride the horse with much care.

Being pregnant is normal. You and your fetus will grow every day.

As the baby in you keeps growing, you’ll see some changes in your body. These changes will be both physical and emotional.

Remember, these are things that will affect your everyday life. So, if you love horse riding, you’ll have to adjust how you do it as your pregnancy keeps growing.

But as you adapt to the pregnancy, an exercise like horse riding will help you and the fetus. Read on to see the benefits of horse riding while you are pregnant.

6 benefits of riding a horse while Pregnant

Like any other type of exercise, if you ride a horse even when you are pregnant, it will help you. The choice now lies in your hands. So, let’s start with how horse riding can help your health before you wait to give birth.

Gives You More Strength

Gives You More Strength

While you are on horseback, the things you do will build the body muscles. You’ll be riding as you use some energy. It will then help your muscles be stronger.

Remember, as your body muscles become stronger when you are pregnant, you’ll have lesser problems during your labor times. The pelvic muscles are the ones that will have more power as you keep riding your horse.

Also, once your pelvic and back muscles are strong, you won’t have trouble carrying your pregnancy. There will be lesser back pains.

Even after riding the horse well, you will experience fewer injuries during your pregnancy.

Your Body will have more Balance

If your body allows you to ride a horse while pregnant, be sure to have a good body balance and pose. Well, it’s because the activity builds your lower back and pelvic area. Remember, these are the areas to give you balance when you are pregnant.

Besides making the muscles to give you balance, you’ll get an excellent body pose as you give your horse a balance. It will come if you only have the correct position.

You’ll squat while riding. It’s from here that your body will remain flexible together with your fetus. Remember, you’ll need this benefit, especially during the 2nd trimester.

Helps You Coordinate the Body Well

As the fetus in you grows, you need to coordinate the body well. It will give you an easy time. Well, this benefit can come from horse riding.

When riding the horse, you’ll do many things and movements. So, if you organize the activities on the horse’s body well, you’ll also do it well with your fetus.

You’ll have Less Stress

You’ll have Less Stress

Horse riding will help you reduce the stress that comes from carrying the pregnancy. If you ride the horse well, it will help you relax your mind.

It comes from the balance you give your horse as it trots. The horse will keep bouncing as it massages you. Remember, this act can make your blood move well in the body and thus make you relax.

Remember, as a pregnant woman, your peace of mind is key in keeping you healthy. You’ll know more about yourself as you ride.

You’ll have Good Moods

Pregnant women tend to have bad moods, especially when pregnant. But with a bit of horse riding, you’ll get some positive change.

Most people who spend time with animals tend to be happy. It’s because their bodies keep releasing serotonin. This element boosts your mood.

It will Help You Relax

Like many other exercises, riding a horse will help your body ease. Remember, any doctor will tell you that relaxing helps a lot when one is pregnant.

While on a horse, resting comes when there’s proper blood flow in the body. Also, you relax better after you make your muscles move more.

You’ll feel better as you move outside with the horse. The fresh air will relax your mind.

What to expect in the Pregnancy Stages as You Horse Ride?

What to expect in the Pregnancy Stages as You Horse Ride

Besides knowing how horse riding will help you while pregnant, you should know about the dangers and ways of dealing with them. Remember, all through; the main danger will be the risk of getting injuries when you fall.

But each trimester has some unique dangers as you ride a horse. So, please keep reading to see more about them.

Trimester One

Here is when you’ve known you are pregnant. It starts from the first day to the end of the three months of your pregnancy.

You’ll start seeing some changes. These are the things that can affect both the mother and the fetus.

Remember, the changes are many. You’ll now be trying to adapt to the needs of your baby. So, expect your muscles, blood vessels, and uterus to increase in size.

So, here you’ll need to have strong muscles. But the risks will come when you fall off the horse. You have to be very careful as you ride.

Trimester Two

During this period, it’s when your body keeps changing. Also, the baby in you keeps growing fast. But it will depend on your lifestyle.

The major risk that you’ll get from riding a horse is losing your body balance and stability. Remember, while riding a horse, you’ll fall if you lose your balance on the horse.

Also, know that the baby will now have some weight in you. So, it can be easy to lose your balance on the horse.

If you are carrying twins, it will be safer to quit horse riding at this stage. At the end of this stage, you’ll get many baby bumps. These things will make you not ride well.

Trimester Three

When you reach this stage, it’s a point that you should now think to quit horse riding. But if you feel you can still do it, you should be extra careful. Also, your doctor will advise you to leave the exercise.

At this moment, any risk of falling will damage you and your fetus. Any severe injuries from horse riding will make you lose your baby.

But it shouldn’t keep you away from your horse. You can do other activities like walking with it and touching it. Remember to stay away from the horse’s saddle.

Even if many risks come with horse riding at this stage, don’t allow your relationship with your horse to fade away. Besides, it will help your mind to relax.

Precautions to take as You Ride while Pregnant

As you plan to keep racing during your three trimesters, you must take some precautions. Here are some things you should do.

Wear the Riding PPE’s

When anyone wants to ride a horse, the first line of safety is having the PPE’s. The same should apply to you as a pregnant woman. Ensure the head, legs, and hands have a solid cover to protect them from any severe injuries

Don’t practice horse riding

It might be the first time that you want to ride a horse, but you are pregnant. Well, to keep you and your fetus safe, stay away from the saddle.

When one is learning to ride a horse, there are high chances of getting injuries. So, it shouldn’t matter if you are in the 1st, 2nd, or final trimester; keep off the saddle.

Ride with a permit from your doctor

Before you decide to ride your horse while pregnant, first, let your doctor observe you. You might go on to ride a horse, and you suffer from something that you could avoid in the first place.

As you horse ride under your doctor’s permit, know you are doing it for you and your fetus. So, stop the activity and call the doctor if you see the following things when riding your horse:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Body weakness
  • When you are losing your breath
  • Getting headaches
  • Chest pain
  • Early labor pains
  • Pain in the abdomen


Horse riding when pregnant isn’t a wrong idea. Only that you should do it at some stages of your pregnancy. Remember, if your doctor doesn’t allow it, then keep off the saddle.

But if it’s okay for you to ride, your body will benefit many things from this activity. You’ll have more strength and balance. Also, you’ll improve your mental health.

The risks will vary with the pregnancy trimesters. The one with the highest risk is the 3rd one.

So, have you ever ridden a horse when pregnant? In which trimester were you in, and how did it feel? Reach out to us and share your experiences.

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