How Much Does an American Quarter Horse Cost? (Price Chart)

Intelligent and obedient American Quarter horses are a beloved breed in the US. The reason is their incredible speed that is ideal for short-distance racing. On the other hand, their physical characteristics make them excellent ranch horses.

Before buying this magnificent animal, the crucial thing is to check how much does an American Quarter horse cost. Basically, it is not too expensive, but the final price will depend on various factors. Plus, you should be aware of the monthly expenses of owning a horse. Let’s take a look.

American Quarter Horse History

American Quarter Horse History

The American Quarter horse originated in North America. It is estimated that it was crossed-bred from English and native horses of Spanish origin ​in the 1660s for multipurpose skills, including:

  • Riding
  • Participation in shows and rodeos
  • Short-distance racing
  • Work with cattle

American Quarter horse breed

Features American Quarter horse
Species Equus caballus
Family Equidae
Height 14 to 16 hands (56 – 64 inches / 1.4 – 1.62 m)
Weight 950 to 1,250 pounds (430 – 567 kg)
Temperament Docile, gentle, and easy-going
Body type Well-defined muscled body with powerful, rounded hindquarters and broad chest
Color Red, sorrel, chestnut, brown, or black
Lifespan 25 to 30 years
Diet Hay, grass, and supplements
Care Moderate level
Minimal stall dimensions 12 by 12 feet (3.65 x 3.65 m)
Minimal pen size 50 to 60 feet (15 – 18 m)
Compatibility High


American Quarter Horse Price

American Quarter Horse Price

An American Quarter horse price varies, and you can buy one for $3,000 to $100,000. Let’s check out what will affect the final horse cost.


Bloodline always plays an essential role in an American Quarter horse’s price. As you can guess, an animal with the top pedigree is highly sought and expensive. If you plan to purchase a horse from the most famous Doc Bar bloodline, you should count on the highest possible price.

The horse’s value will also vary, depending on the type you choose. This particular breed is split into three types, including:

  • Bulldog (Foundation) American Quarter horse
  • Progressive (Halter) American Quarter horse
  • Thoroughbred American Quarter horse

Since horses from these three categories come from different bloodlines, you can expect their characteristics to be unique.

For instance, the sturdy, well-muscled Bulldog American Quarter horse is typically used for ranch work.

On the other hand, the versatile Progressive type is a mix of Bulldog and Thoroughbred horses that inherited a refined head and well-muscled body. This popular animal is an excellent option for shows and pleasure and usually costs more than the Bulldog type.

Finally, the Thoroughbred type has a refined build and sleek, narrow body. You can use this trendy horse for both racing and showing. You can expect it to be the most expensive of the three types.

The American Quarter horse breed value

Horse type Average price
Foals $3,000 to $5,000
Fillies  and colts $5,000+
Older mares $4,000 to $6,000
Young mares $30,000+
Stallions $15,000 to $20,000
Well-trained stallions with good track records $100,000



The premium age for an American Quarter horse is from 7 to 14, so such an animal will be expensive. Unlike young horses, this one is experienced, full of energy, and capable of more work. Therefore, well-trained animal is worth more.

You can buy a younger one at approximately $5,000 and then invest extra money for its training. That can be a bit tricky option for inexperienced equine enthusiasts.

A foal always costs less money, rarely more than $3,000, since it needs extra care. Plus, you will need to wait for a few years to get a grown horse capable of fulfilling its purpose.

Finally, you can pick out a bit older animal that will cost less. You can buy a horse in its late teens for about $4,000. Seniors are always cheap since they often need better living conditions and extra treatments.

They can be weak or ill, and you can’t use such a horse for performing. It will be a good choice for you if you need an inexpensive, calm animal for occasional riding.

Conformation (physical appearance)

American Quarter horse’s conformation can significantly affect its price. A well-bred animal should have a stocky build and a muscular body with powerful hindquarters. A horse that fits a required breed standard will always cost more.

On the other hand, horses with poor conformation often suffer from various health issues. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to four crucial traits, such as:

  • Balance
  • Breed and sex characteristics
  • Degree of muscling
  • Structural correctness

Remember that balance is the most important of the four traits you need to take care of.

Riding experience

Riding experience

A young and inexperienced horse is an excellent budget-friendly option if you are prepared to spend additional effort and time to get it skilled. If you are experienced enough to train a horse yourself, it will save you a considerable sum of money.

On the other hand, training is expensive, and you can expect higher prices for a broken, well-trained animal. You can be sure that it will cost you more if a reputable professional has already taught a horse to:

  • Tolerate saddle or harness
  • Perform at the rodeo
  • Attend to race
  • Do necessary ranch activities

Training a horse requires time, experience, and patience, costing money.

Experience in competition

An American Quarter horse that has competed in races or won one of three first prizes is always costly, and you should set aside at least $20,000 for it. Such an award is a testament that the particular horse is healthy, in good shape, fast, and well-trained.


Since an American Quarter horse is an excellent show horse choice, a well-prepared animal successful in both English and western disciplines will cost at least $10,000.

You should estimate your plans thoroughly and set aside a precise amount of money to get what you want. For instance, you can purchase a solid show horse for less than $8,000, but top-notch animals will cost more than $25,000.

Health condition

Even though some health issues are minor and it is possible to solve them, American Quarter horses that suffer for any will be cheaper. On the other hand, you shouldn’t buy:

  • An animal with chronic disease
  • Untreatable disease
  • Severe, possibly life-threatening injuries

Even though you can get it for a low amount of money, it is unprofitable since there is a possibility it will die quickly. Even if the disease is treatable, you will probably spend too much money on a specific diet and vet bills.

Regular Monthly American Quarter Horse Expenses

If you are relatively inexperienced with horses, it is advisable to talk with a financial advisor about purchasing an adequate horse. They will explain the different options, depending on your desires and needs.

American Quarter horse breed monthly expenses

Services Price
Boarding $200 to $1,000
Feeding $80 to $100
Training $2,000 to $10,000 ($45 to $100 per half hour)
Farrier bi-monthly $40 to $300
Regular veterinary bills $100 to $300
Emergency health treatment $250 per visit
Deworming (once in three months) $5 to $10
Microchipping $60
Grooming $200
Dentistry costing once in 6 to 12 months $300
Saddle, saddle pad, brushes, bridles, and bits $500 to $2,000 (one-time cost)
Horse insurance 2.5% to 4.5% of the horse’s value
Stall maintaining $50
Manure removal $200 to $900 annually for a dumpster

$3,000 annually for a waste disposal company

You should be familiar with the expenses you will have when keeping an American Quarter horse. It is necessary to create an acceptable financial plan to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Places to Find an Inexpensive American Quarter Horse

Places to Find an Inexpensive American Quarter Horse

Surprisingly, you have a few excellent options available when deciding to buy a cheap American Quarter horse. The best ways include:


Rescues are excellent places to adopt a beautiful animal at an affordable price. The average fee to adopt a rescue horse is often only several hundred dollars. You can even buy an exceptionally quality animal for a few thousand dollars in some lucky cases.

The tricky part is that some of these animals have survived abuse or neglect. So, you need to be highly gentle and patient to gain its trust.

However, the story can end in the best possible way. Many rescue horses can surprise you and make a successful career as a pleasure, trail, or even show animal.

Fellow equestrians

As always, one of the most efficient ways to find an excellent horse at an affordable price is to talk with fellow equestrians. Plus, purchasing a horse from someone familiar usually means better knowledge of the horse’s background.

Online purchasing

You can go online and find one of the numerous websites, like, Dream Horse, and Equine Now, dedicated to horse selling. These online ads need to provide relevant information on the particular horse, including videos and pictures.


An auction is often a great option to find an American Quarter horse at a low price. Unfortunately, auctions usually avoid allowing you to check out the desired animal thoroughly before buying.

In such circumstances, you can end up with an unbroken, badly behaving, or even ill horse. However, you can purchase a quality horse this way if you are lucky.


If you consider an American Quarter horse, you should check all the details carefully before purchasing. This horse breed is not costly, but you need to be aware of all additional costs you will have each month, including feeding your animal and maintaining the stall.

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