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13 Best Cowboy Boot Brands of 2023

When it comes to looking his best, no self-respecting cowboy can be without the perfect pair of boots! But with so many brands out there, which are the top choices for style and practicality?

That’s what we’re here to find out! We’re going to take a look at the 13 best cowboy boot brands out there. And we’ll tell you everything you need to know about them before you take your pick.

So saddle up, partner, and let’s find out more!

The Best popular Cowboy Boot Brands on the Market

1. Lucchese


Lucchese offers premium boots for the discriminating cowboy and cowgirl. The company was founded way back in 1883, and its boots are handmade in Texas to this day.

Every aspect of the production process is carried out by hand. That includes “pegging” – the process of using Lemonwood and brass pegs to attach the outsole to the boot. This not only means the boot keeps its carefully crafted shape, but ensures you can resole it as needed.

The beautiful patterns on Lucchese boots are also stitched by hand. Leathers and skins are handpicked to get the perfect match for each pair of boots. And they’re then hand-tooled – a process that can take weeks.

The quality is tough to beat, but the labor-intensive production means you’ll need deep pockets to afford these boots. On the plus side, they’re as durable as they are good-looking. And the ability to resole them means they’ll last for years.


2. Justin


Justin is another brand with an illustrious history. Founded in 1879 by H. J. Justin, it started life as a boot repair service in a barber shop. But with the entrepreneurial Justin at the helm, it quickly grew to a successful boot store.

Justin boots are well known for their use of the latest footwear technology, their quality construction and their creative designs. To this day, every pair of boots is made by hand in El Paso, Texas. And the striking range of boots will look just as good at the rodeo as on the dance floor.

Men, women and children can choose from a great range of styles and colors. Cow girls are particularly well provided for. Women’s boots are offered with a choice of two different heel styles, three different toe shapes, and three different calf heights.

If you want to complete the look, Justin also makes a range of apparel, with everything from socks to hoodies available.


3. Ariat(Our Top Recommended)


Ariat takes its name from Secretariat, the champion Thoroughbred. A relatively recent addition to the riding apparel scene, they’re well known for their innovative products. They were the first brand to put technology more usually found in athletic shoes into a riding boot.

They provide boots and clothing for both Western and English disciplines. As well as their classic riding boots, you’ll find work boots and snow boots on offer.

There are styles for everyone, men, women and kids. And their boots are known for being comfortable and lightweight. The rigorous manufacturing process involves up to 150 separate stages, producing boots that can last for years.

You’ll also find padded insoles, non-slip soles, breathable lining and waterproof construction. Everything, in fact, to keep you comfortable in the saddle or on the dance floor. If you choose Ariat, you’ll be in good company: their boots are worn by many professional riders.


4. Corral


If you want a pair of cowboy boots to cut a dash, you won’t go wrong with Corral.

This is the brand of high fashion boots, with a choice of fabulous colors and embroidery. Many cowboys and cowgirls choose these as their wedding shoes! There are even limited edition styles to ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Many of the styles are lasted and finished by hand. The A2663, for example – featuring lace embroidery on leather – is the result of work by no fewer than 90 craftspeople.

There’s a huge choice of styles for both men and women. And there’s also a great range for teenage girls. Gift certificates are available, and there’s a ten percent discount for military personnel. All products come with a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase too.


5. Rocketbuster


Rocketbuster makes fabulous custom cowboy boots from their base in El Paso, Texas, known as the Boot Capital of the USA. The brand was founded in 1989, dedicated to bringing back the quality and style of vintage cowboy boots.

All Rocketbuster boots are handmade, and the process is time-consuming. As a result, only around 400 pairs are made each year. If you want to get your hands on one, you’ll be facing a wait time of anywhere between 4 and 8 months.

Every step of the design is in your hands. You’ll get a foot tracing form to fill in to ensure the perfect fit. You choose your toe shape, and you can either browse the website for ideas or talk to the team about designing from scratch.

After your perfect boot has been sketched, you’ll get an estimate of the final cost. You’ll need to pay half upfront, and the rest when the boots are finished. And if you like, you can receive photos of your boots as they’re coming together!


6. Durango


Durango offers an extensive range of boots for men, women and children. And they start ‘em young! Even tiny toddlers can get kitted out with a pair of their very own cowboy boots.

Durango put an emphasis on the technical design aspects of their boots. Amongst the brand’s innovations are the Energy Return system, designed to reduce fatigue. There’s also X-treme Comfort soles, the Capsules Footbed, waterproof construction and puncture-resistant soles and uppers.

But none of these impressive specifications are delivered at the expense of aesthetic appeal. You can choose from loads of different colors and designs, including the American flag. And there are all the tassels, buckles and embroidery you could ask for.

Durango are another brand with a great pedigree. They’re the boots of choice for a number of renowned Western equestrians. And they’re the official boots of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the world’s most prestigious – and richest – rodeo.


7. Double-H

Double-H has been in the boot making business for over 50 years. They’re based in Pennsylvania, from where they offer a wide range of classic and work Western boots. Their products are mainly targeted at a male clientele, though some styles are available for women.

You can choose between designs to get you noticed, or more classic color combinations.  And there are some unusual materials on offer too. If you dream of cowboy boots made from exotics like ostrich leather, this is one brand you should definitely check out.

There are plenty of technological innovations in these boots too. There are layers of gel-cell inserts and the AG7 and 8 footbeds for comfort. The I.C.E outsole is designed to resist abrasion. And the Permafresh Footprint offers shock absorption and anti-bacterial properties.

Most of the men’s boots are available in sizes from 7 to 14, and in at least two width fittings. The website has an excellent search function to help you find the boots best suited to your needs.


8. Tony Lama

Tony Lama

Tony Lama is perhaps one of the best known brands of cowboy boots in the world. It was founded in 1911 by the 24-year-old Tony – you’ve guessed it – El Paso, Texas.

It’s another brand that started life as a repair shop, in this case repairing footwear for the soldiers at Fort Worth. Today, the company is part of the Justin conglomerate, although it retains its own distinctive identity.

Each pair of boots goes through around 130 separate steps, from cutting the leather by hand to finishing. And there’s an emphasis on quality, with premium leathers and leading edge technology. That includes the Lama Comfort and Cushion Comfort systems, both patented by the company.

The majority of the styles cater to men. There’s nevertheless a good range of Western boots for women too, and a smaller selection for children.


9. Anderson Bean

Anderson Bean

Anderson Bean is another brand based in Texas. And it’s here that every pair of their cowboy boots are made by hand.

Throughout their 30-year history, they’ve specialized in making high-quality footwear that’s also affordable.

Their boots are made from leather, with bark-tanned insoles and outsoles and premium cowhide lining for comfort and durability. The hand-lasted vamps won’t stretch out of shape, and a leather side welt and piping prevent chafing and cracking.

There are designs for men, women and children. And the choice of leathers covers classics like steer, cowhide and pigskin, all the way through to exotics like alligator, ostrich and stingray.

The boots are designed to last, and Anderson Bean also offers a recrafting service to restore them. Expect to wait a while for this, though – at present, recrafts are taking around three months to complete.


10. J. B. Hill Boot Company

J. B. Hill Boot Company

Yet another El Paso company, J. B. Hill was founded by Dr. James Hill, a racehorse owner and veterinarian. He’d originally bought a boot making company as an investment, only to discover it wasn’t actually making any boots.

Drastic action was needed, and Dr. Hill became far more hands-on than he’d ever expected. The whole management team were sacked, and a new company was born.

Today, the emphasis is on quality construction and new takes on vintage designs. Just 10 or so pairs of boots are made every day. This scarcity means prices are high. A pair of J.B. Hill boots start at $825, but can command thousands of dollars, depending on the design and materials.

Invest in a pair, however, and they will last for years. They’re the footwear of choice for many working cowboys as well as celebrities.


11. Nocona


Nocona was founded by a Enid Justin back in 1925. Today the brand is another part of the Justin empire, offering more affordable Western boots for men and women. A children’s range is available too.

If you’re looking for a pair of boots at under $200, you’ll find plenty of choice here. And while you might not have the endless customizable options of upscale brands, the quality remains high.

Here you’ll find hand-distressed leather uppers, orthotic insoles, and detailed embroidery. And there’s a great range of unique styles, with different calf heights, heel forms and toe shapes.

It’s a fitting legacy for one of the rare female entrepreneurs of the 1920s. And Enid’s influence continues to be celebrated in the brand’s “Miss Enid” range of cowgirl boots.


12. Dan Post


Dan Post offers affordable Western boots for men, women and kids.

And they’re a great choice if you have an unusual-sized foot, and don’t want to spend a fortune. A number of the men’s styles go up to size 18. And there’s a good selection for women with feet up to size 12. You can also find designs in wide calf fittings.

Every pair of boots goes through a 160-step construction process, designed to ensure they’re comfortable from the first step. All feature removeable air flow orthotic insoles, designed to keep your feet dry and cushioned. And all insoles have anti-fungal, anti-mold and antibacterial properties.

There are a number of stores along the east coast, as well as in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, And if you’re in the USA, you can also order online and have your boots shipped to you.


13. Tecovas


Tecovas offer handmade Western boots for men and women. For women, the price range is just north of $200 up to about $500. For men, it’s similar – although there are a few premium exotic styles that top out at $1,500.

The boots are made in Leon, Mexico, by a skilled team of craftspeople. Each boot undergoes around 200 separate stages of construction. The firm claims their quality is twice that of similarly priced brands, and compares to that of boots costing twice as much.

They achieve this by selling direct to customers online and through their own network of stores. You can find the latter across Texas, in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Plano, San Antonio and The Woodlands.


Ready to choose your cowboy boots?

That brings us to the end of our tour of 13 of the best cowboy boot brands around! We hope we’ve helped you in your search for the perfect pair of boots.

Cowboy boots aren’t cheap, but choose wisely and they can be investments that will last for years.

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Happy shopping!

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