Do Horses Have Horns?

As your interest in horses keeps growing, do you ever wonder if there are horses with horns? And if they are horses with horns, is it something normal?

You are about to find out. Here, we’ll answer the question, do horses have horns?

People have tried to find out why many horse breeds don’t have horns for many years. Some people say that horses used to have horns. But when evolution happened, they no longer needed the horns.

So, there’s are chances that some horses still have horns today. They have normal behavior like any other horses you’d see around.

Ready? Let’s first answer the main question of horses truly has horns.

Are there any Horses with Horns?

Are there any Horses with Horns

Well, yes! Some horses have horns. However, it’s something that you’ll not meet in your everyday activity.

Typically, horses don’t have any horns. Their skulls are always plain.

Some rare breeds of horses tend to have protruding coming from their faces. These things are tiny.

Also, the ‘horns’ aren’t as big as the cow or goat horns. They can look confusing. But still, they are in the horse family.

These small horn-like structures tend to be in a pair like ordinary horses. The position will now depend on the breed of the horned horse.

One fact about these unique sets of animals is that they tend to run faster than normal horses. But still, the normal horses are far much better than them. All in all, it’s rare to find horses with these ‘horns.’

Historians and scientists will tell you that some horses had large horns back in evolution like other animals. It’s like the idea of human beings having a tail at the back.

Even after the event, those breeds remain with these unique traits. But what are these horses that have these unique specs on them? Read on to find out.

What are these Horse Breeds with ‘Horns’?

There are many horse breeds with different specs. You’ll see the difference in their body shape, size, and behavior.

So, the same applies to the horses with these unique things that protrude as horns. Below are the horse breeds with some horn structures on their faces.

1. Moyle Horse

Moyle Horse

The horses in this breed have a unique forehead. Well, it’s because the forehead of these animals looks like little horns. It appears above their little eyes.

These horses got the name of their breeder, Mormon Rex Moyle. Today, the animals that Rex used to create this breed aren’t known.

Mr. Rex moved them from Utah to Idaho, U. S. From this point, the Moyle horse breed became popular in the United States. Many people loved these horses because they were stronger than normal horses. Also, they can go through many difficult times.

When it comes to their body structure, they are quite the same as normal horses. They have a height of 15 hands. These horn-like structures on their face look like the ones on a giraffe.

Also, they have a larger chest and sexual organs than other horse breeds. According to some DNA studies, the Moyle horse breeds have common blood as the Spanish horses.

Their front legs are a bit forward, unlike other horses. If you love horse riding, this breed will suit you.

They have strong, long, and elastic back legs. Towards their heels, the feet of these horses are wide and large. Remember, these horses have one color, which is bay.

If you ever get someone with these horses, know that the owner uses them to work and move things. Their bodies look more like the American Mustang. Also, you can use it as a cow horse.

Every Moyle horse has lovely behavior but is challenging in everything they do. Like many other horses, expect this breed of horses to be true to your company.

But it doesn’t end from that point. Two more horse breeds tend to have horse structures on their faces. Keep reading to find out.

2. Datong Breed

Datong Breed

These horses also tend to have horny structures on the forehead. It’s a horse breed from China.

This breed has a rich history that goes back to around 4000 years ago. The first place they came from is in Quingha, a province in China.

Many people tend to connect this breed of horse with a dragon-horse. It’s a fact that the Chinese people call the Datong breed flying horses. While they are still foals, these horses are born with these projections on their face.

But today, people see the horn-like feature of the horse as something terrible. So, once a Datong horse is born, it won’t be bred.

Under this breed, there are two kinds of horses. There is the heavy and light riding Datong horse.

As for the lighter horse, their heads are drier than the heavy ones. Also, they have longer limbs and lesser hair.

But when it comes to height, they have a height of 12.2 to 13.3 hands. Their bodies are strong.

Their ears are of medium size. The neck is short as the chest goes deep.

The Datong breed of horses has legs of medium size. They are also hairy. Expect their mane and tail to be thicker than a normal horse.

These horses have friendly behavior. Expect them to be more loyal if you have them.

Also, people in China treasure these horned horses because of their character. Besides being able to endure challenging events, the horses have courage.

Remember, you can use them to ride like other horses, and transport things. You can also use them to do other tough activities. Well, it’s because they, too, can endure tough times.

3. Carthusian Horse

Carthusian Horse

You can also call this breed the Carthusian-Andalusian and Carthujano. It’s not different from the Andalusian breed of horses.

These are some of the best families of horses in Spain. So, with the Carthusian breed, they have the oldest looks among the horses in Spain.

Well, it’s because they have stud-like looks on their face. Besides being the only purest breeds remaining in Spain, the group has the most graceful looks. But a sad fact is that they are only 3% of the Andalusian breed left in the world.

The Spain authorities keep ensuring that the breed is safe from becoming extinct. But still they do selective breeding.

When it comes to body size, they range from 15 to 16 hands. Close to every member of this breed has a lovely body structure. Then, they are solid and can resist many harsh environments.

Carthusian horses have a light head. The ears are small, but the eyes are a bit large. You can get them in grey, chestnut, and black colors.

Since they have an excellent body structure, expect their neck to balance with the body. These horses have a solid and broad chest to handle huge tasks. These horses have more sturdy legs.

Also, they tend to be less agile and with friendly behavior. It means that these horses can make a friendly company even if they have horn-like face structures.

These horses are unique from the other two breeds of horned horses. Their horns can vary with the location of the body. The horns can also make collections that look like calcium, appearing even behind the ears.

Even with their horn-like structures, these horses are humble. You can use them as a show horse, race, or ride.

What about the Unicorns?

One can’t fail to talk about unicorns when talking about horses with horns. These are mythical things and aren’t part of the horse family.

Remember, they look like horses in many ways. These animals are only actual among the legendary stories.

Also, creatures were mainly present in the Mesopotamia arts. India and China treat the unicorns as pure myths.

Besides the horns, these creatures show something pure and a touch of grace. They might even have wings, a single horn on the face, and a beard that looks like a goat.

So, you should know that the animals never existed on the earth’s surface. Also, how these things exist will depend on the beliefs of your religion about them.

The bottom line about these animals is that they don’t exist. Even if they ever existed, they aren’t of the equine family. Remember, they also look like goats.


There are some horses with horn-like structures on their faces. These projections on their faces are the things that make horses look like they have horns.

Remember, it’s a pretty rare thing to see among every horse. There are only three horse breeds that have these horn-like structures. They include the Carthusian, Datong, and Moyle breeds.

All these breeds tend to have a more muscular body than normal horses. So, even with the weird looks of the horns, you can still use them for other works. Also, they are very humble.

So, have you met any of the three breeds of horned horses? Should people treat them the same way as normal horses? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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  1. In an old guide of the Museum of Natural History at London, UK, was mentioned they had two skulls of Argentinean horses. They both had tiny but distinct horns, two of them, not one. The scientists were amazed because no extinct equid ever had horns. But I am not sure whether the evidence vanished in the Blitz. The Guide in question was even from before World War One if I remember correctly. Johan L. de Jong


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